Session A:

The Time We have & Caryl Churchill's A Number

Start time 6pm


Session B:

Body & Brain and 43 Stages of Grieving

Start time 7:30pm

Join us for a night of readings in two session starting from 6pm. Enjoy a mix of new works and published works in our speakeasy style studio. Feel free to mingle with the artists during intermission and after.

Session A

The Time We Have

Written and Directed by Egan Sun-Bin

The Time We Have is a story that explores the decisions affect the people we become and challenges how we perceive the time that we have. 

A Number

Written by Carol Churchill 

Directed by Anatoly Frusion

Performed by Patrick Mitchell and Zachary Boulton

Written in 2002, and featuring Churchills’ trademark dialogue and piercing observation of ordinary people A Number is a story of what could be in our future or perhaps already is…

Session B

Body and Brain

Directed by Darcy Jones

Written by Darcy Jones, Lara Rix and Melanie Bolovan

Performed by Lara Rix and Melanie Bolovan

Body and Brain is a body positivity show that focuses on the journey of a young plus sized girl going to a princess party dressed as an astronaut horse.


43 Stages of Grieving

Written by Micharne Cloughley 

Directed by Zacharcy Boulton
Performed by Merlynn Tong, Ngoc Phan and Shari Irwin

43 STAGES OF GRIEVING tells the story of a robot who is pregnant, and dying. Robots are not supposed to be able to get pregnant. And yet, our robot, Taya, is pregnant. As she tries to find someone / something to look after the one / thing she is pregnant with, she will move in with a human, who is also dying. Together, they do in fact move through 43 stages of grieving.

A comedy until it is not a comedy, this play is about the complicated future of death, but it is also about hope. Hope that robots will be nice, humans will be rational, and that no matter how far away we get from being ‘natural’, nature will find us all in the end.

Purchase either a ticket for session A or for Session B or buy a pass and come to both. Fill your night with the sounds of Sci-fi!

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