Submissions NOW CLOSED

The Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival is an annual intergalactic theatre-stravanganza set in the heart of Southbank's vibrant arts district where lovers of sci-fi and theatre can come together and celebrate their love for the extraordinary. Artists from all over the multi-verse are now invited to submit their show for the Brisbane Sci-fi Theatre Festival for 2020.

Festival dates are between the 2nd April to 5th April.

This year our theme will be VISION. We are looking for exciting Sci-fi theatre works that push the boundaries of story telling and technology and challenge the audiences view of what theatre can be. 

In 2020, we will be offering two different opportunities to applicants: to present a main stage show or a work in development.

When applying for a main stage show, your show must:

 - have a run time of at least 45 mins

 - be of a professional standard and rehearsed and staged well

 - be sci-fi themed 

We are also hosting a number of works in development. These could range from an idea on page to a second or third development of a piece you have already been working on. Tell us your idea and if selected, you will get the chance to work closely with the producers of the festival and mentors to help you succeed. As part of the work in development, your work may be staged as a double bill with another work in development.

We will be able to provide some marketing; however, we have a lot of shows and cannot promote you all constantly. This is where you come in. You will need to detail a marketing strategy. How will you get audience to your show? Let us know your ideas and concepts.

Finally, you will be required to have your own public Liability Insurance.


What you get from us


 Thanks to our generous partners at Tafe Queensland, we will once again have access to the Norman Price Theatre at no cost to you. A beautiful black box theatre that seats 72+

Being a part of Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival means you're responsible for filling those seats. So come with a marketing plan and be ready to push those ticket sales!

Lighting and Sound Design and Operation

The theatre can be transformed by lighting and sound, so we encourage you to be as creative as possible. 

You will be provided with a professional lighting designer and sound operator who will be able to (working from a standard lighting rig) transform your Sci-Fi dream into reality. 

If you have big ideas or a large set, we encourage you to tell us about it early. The more time we have to plan, the more likely it will be that we can make it happen.

Box Office

As a main stage show you will receive 70% of the box office. That's all for you, into your pocket. 

As a work in development and part of a double bill, the 70% box office will be split evenly between the two shows. 

Mentorship for Developments

If you are a work in development, there will be opportunities to work with the producers of the festivals and a mentor for a set number of sessions to assist and help you bring your show to life.

We encourage all productions to keep in close contact with our producers and ask for help when ever you need it.

We want your show to be amazing and successful and we are here to help you and your production.