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The AIWA Initiative


Note: This show is an immersive experience for one audience member at a time. Therefore tickets are limited.

AIWA is designed as an experimental, immersive theatre work for a single audience member and prompts audiences to consider and form opinions on how artificial intelligence should interact with their future lives.

AIWA is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence with Attitude. “Attitude” refers to AIWA’s ability to fully understand a participant’s questions and answers, responding in a meaningful way. Sit down relax and have a chat with AIWA one-on-one.

Cast and Crew Listings

Merryn Trescott — Actor/ Creative Lead

Jamie Connor — Actor/ Co-creator
Salvatore Fazio — Actor/ Interaction Designer

Tom He — Industrial Designer/ Technical Lead

Amy Campbell — Designer

Thomas Stig — Co-Creator

El Tapi Co-Creator

Nic Dunning — Writer

Emily Coleman — Producer