Timothy McGowan presents H.P LoveCraft's

The Colour out of Space

Finley Kube and Tess Brading present Box


Join us for a double bill. Two 30 minute shows back-to-back over an hour.


Catastrophic failure causes a colony vessel to crash-land on an uninhabitable planet. Box follows the journey of an AI and three generations of humans surviving on a crashed spaceship.

The Colour out of Space

For decades, folk tales and rumours persisted of the “blasted heath”, a grey expanse where no vegetation would grow and stagnant vapours play hideous tricks with the sunlight. Lonely and remote, the landscape holds a terrible history.


Tragedy occurred over a century ago and now two young researchers work to uncover the truth of the event as they encounter surreal visions of the Gardner family, whom the tragedy struck, and the events leading to their demise. Logic and reason clash with unknowable and loathsome realities as the story seeks to engulf them.

Art by Paul Mudie. Used with permission.

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